It’s MANWICH Time!

So it has recently come to my attention that I have never had Manwich in my life. Somehow, as a child this processed food skipped over me. I’ve been told by the bearers of this epiphany that Manwich is amazing and I must have it at once! So here I am sharing my experience with you! You’ll probably want a Manwich after.


First things first I need to whip up a batch of the best homemade beef substitute. Super easy and amazing tasting, this is my go to recipe every time. It can be used in any recipe ground beef is called for. Use it and love it.

TVP Ground Beef Substitute

1 cup water

1 cup canned diced or crushed tomatoes with juice

1 tbsp soya sauce

2 tsp vegetable based stock powder

1 tsp browning sauce

1/2 tsp liquid smoke

1/4 tsp dried oregano

Fresh ground pepper, to taste

2 cups dried TVP granules


Add everything except the TVP to a pot and bring to a boil. Once boiled, remove from heat and stir in the TVP granules, mixing well. Place a tight-fitting lid on the pot and let stand for 10 minutes. Use and enjoy with all of your favourite ground beef recipes.

Now that we’ve got the ‘beef’ ready, let’s go and finish up these so-called spectacular Manwiches. On the can it says just mix the beef with the sauce, heat and serve. I can’t let that happen without adding some onion and garlic, I just can’t, it seems so wrong. So I proceed to dice up 1/2 cup of white onion and 2 cloves of garlic. Heating up a nice splash of olive oil in a pan over medium heat, I throw in the garlic, onion and ‘beef’. Cooking about 7 minutes, stirring, until there’s some nice browning going on. In goes the Manwich sauce, stirring until heated through.


Here’s the fun part. I’ve got some warm and toasty kaiser buns just waiting for the Manwich mixture. I make sure to slop the ‘meat’ on the bun just to make it that much more fun and difficult to eat. Manwiches here I come! It makes enough for 4 sandwiches so bring an appetite.

In the end, meh… All this buildup for an alright sloppy joe. Pretty much just tasted like ketchup, but what can you expect from a canned product? Stay tuned and I’ll put up a good recipe for sloppy joe sauce and make everybody happy. At least the ‘beef’ is good, and a good meal was made the following day with the leftovers…chili!!!

Sloppy Joe


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